We at RAAM Construction are able to assist you in your maintenance needs. You can contact us for regular maintenance jobs, whether it is to repair small damages or to prevent potential larger issues that may harm your property. We can assist you with the following:

Day to day repairs

Our workers are able to make small repairs to your property. These can be from minor damage to your structure, such as tears in plastering and small leaks, but we are also able to replace doors, windows or other minor parts of your property that will not cause disruption to your tenants.

Gas Servicing

RAAM Construction has Gas Safe registered engineers that are able to inspect your gas appliances. Various aspects will be checked. A correct operating pressure on your gas appliances will be ensured, harmful gases are removed from the appliance, ventilation routes will be made clear and made to work properly. We also ensure that all your safety devices, such as carbon-monoxide detectors, are working properly.

Land Lord checks

If you have tenants in your properties, you may want to have your properties checked regularly. RAAM Construction has a team of engineers that have specialised in checking your properties for potential damage, so adjustments can be made before any serious harm is being done to your property.

Central Heating

Our operatives are able to inspect your central heating system. With a regular maintenance service, you will be prevented from having huge costs on your boiler and central heating device due to lack of maintenance. We will ensure the water pressure is correct, and we will clean your appliance to last for another year.

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