Whether you are a house owner or a residential or commercial company, RAAM Construction can provide you with skilled operatives to aid you in various planned projects. We have experience with, but not limited to, the following:

New Builds

RAAM Construction is the perfect partner for the construction of new builds. We are able to provide experts to aid you with planning the build and carrying out all aspects of the construction, from the foundations to the roofing. We have experience with private house owners, commercial companies and housing companies. Whether you wish to build a single property or multiple properties, RAAM Construction can aid you every step of the way.


When you want to add an extension to your existing property, RAAM Construction is the perfect partner for you. We offer various external improvement packages and are willing to take our time to discuss the ideal materials and strategies for your planned extensions. Whether this is a garage, a kitchen extension , a room addition or something else, we have the people and the experience to provide you with a high-quality extension to your property.


Our employees can aid you with refurbishing your existing property. We are able to aid you with central heating and boiler installations, concrete repairs, window and door replacements and electrical rewiring. RAAM Construction can also aid with decoration, both repairing the property prior to decoration, as well as providing you with high-quality decoration services.


Raam Construction is also experienced in landscaping. We are able to pave your driveway or create a lush grass garden.



Over the years, RAAM Construction has replaced many kitchens and bathrooms. We have also been able to aid our clients with gutter and fascia renewals, as well as roofing replacements.


We have experience with many types of conversions. We can convert residential properties to suit commercial purposes and vice versa. RAAM Construction is also able to make disabled adaptations to your existing property.

Not only are we able to perform our services to you in a high quality, we also take precautions to reduce noise, dust, and any other disruption to neighbours or other building tennants.

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