RAAM was contracted to design and install wet rooms and bathrooms suitable for elderly and disabled across North London.

Project type: Public Sector

Tags: Disabled Adaptations, Haringey Council,

RAAM was working for a local council and got contracted to design and install wet rooms and bathrooms across North London. Our job was to tailor each bathroom system towards the needs of disabled and elderly users, or users with special needs living on the property.

Before works started, our Special Project team met on site with the client and occupation therapist. Together, we managed to detail all of the specific works and how to complete the works whilst the client was still living in the property. We made sure to keep the works as quiet as possible so not to disturb the clients whilst keeping an eye on the swift completion of the project so the clients would be able to use the adaptations as soon as possible.

The adaptation consisted of equipping the room with an alarm system that the client could use in an emergency. We also installed an easy to use water heating system with a heat dial, to prevent any harm caused by an unsuitable water temperature. Various supports were applied to ease the user to and from the bath, shower and toilet.

Our experience with these installations and our knowledge of the products available on the market made this project a success. We were able to create a bathroom where the client could maintain as much independence as possible, whilst also facilitating the needs of carers who would assist the client in the use of such products.