PHOTO: Reforestation Programme: Thames 21

Reforestation Programme: Thames 21

Enfield Chase woodland planting in partnership with Thames21 & Enfield Council

RAAM has recently joined with Thames21 to support financially and with labour as they have partnered with Enfield Council as a part of the councils Restoration of Enfield Chase project to help create one of London’s newest woodlands.

Following on from last year Enfield Council aim is to plant another 50,000 trees this season.  Individual members of the RAAM team and as group have volunteered for this project. 

For example, on November 17th some of RAAM team (including two of the Directors) joined members of Thames21 and tirelessly worked across freshly prepared soil to redistribute bamboo sticks that’d be used to plant a new woodland along Turkey Brook. The areas were marked out so that the planting of tree saplings can be made in a way to create various densities of woodland. 

The woodlands will bring multiple benefits to wildlife and local residents. Additionally, the new trees will stabilise the soils, preventing their erosion.

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