PHOTO: QEH Oxleas Mental Health Unit

QEH Oxleas Mental Health Unit

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A rolling programmes is in process with high security specialised doors to be replaced.

We have recently completed Phase 1 and will soon start phase 2. We are working closely with the Door Fabricators, Kingsway to install doors to Door suppliers and BM Trada Fire Door Installer guidelines.

TARN Ward – high security ward door replacement programme

Following number of high qualities installation with QEH. VINCI has appointed RAAM Construction LTD to replace fire door sets in a high security ward at Mental Health unit OXLEAS Tarn Ward.

Special Method Statement and Risk assessment has been established following discussion with VINCI and OXLEAS team. RAAM’s Team has fully adopted the best practice and have been additional brief on ward patient behaviours. Excellent communication and daily brief have been maintained throughout the project. Supervision, local isolation of areas and special control of tools have been executed by RAAM staff with perfection.

First Phase of programme has been delivered without incidents. The quality of works was never compromised and the entire phase has been praised by the main contractor and OXLEAS management staff. Specialist Door Sets from KINGSWAY have been posted inspected by the manufacture and not one single snag has been recorded.

Following each door installation, redecoration and making good took place to match current coloured scheme with a ward. All delivered to OXLEAS and VINCI high quality level.

The size of the project: £200,000 of remedial fire stopping works and fire door upgrades across site (c. 25% is fire stopping)

Duration: May – June 2021