PHOTO: Tap East – Westfield Shopping Centre E20

Tap East – Westfield Shopping Centre E20


We had the opportunity to carry out flooring works at Tap East which is a popular Micro-brewery that specialise in craft beer and are based in Westfield, Stratford.

This repair was urgent as the floor next to the copper fermentation tanks were caving in, and could become a serious health and safety hazard. Therefore, we had to make certain that the replacement floor would be sustainable, hard wearing and waterproof. After our initial site visit, we advised the client that Triflex application onto the floor was essential due to the clients needs.

We removed the existing floor which was corroding and rotting. We then replaced the damaged floor with brand new plywood and then our certified operatives applied the specialised Triflex system so that the floor will be waterproof and durable. Also, as Tap East is a popular micro-brewery in Westfield, Stratford we attended out of hours in order to facilitate Tap East and ensure that we did not effect their opening hours, which we were successful in doing.Due to the cooperation of the staff at Tap East and Westfield, we were able to negotiate logistics and attendance at an appropriate time for everyone.