Project type: Commercial

Tags: Refurbishment, Retail, Westfield Shopping Centre,

For the Nosher’s retail project in Westfield, RAAM Construction has been responsible for the complete decoration of the shop. During this project, we have worked closely with the management team of Westfield to ensure that we were adhering to their quality standard and health and safety systems.

We had received an empty shell unit, which we were to decorate into an inviting shop. Our workers started out by drylining the entire unit and preparing it for decoration. We built new water connections and new electric ring circuits.

In addition to all construction work, we also designed and made original furniture for Nosher’s. We have created fridge and cooler casings and a table that could wrap around one of the columns in the shop. We also constructed a custom-made shelving system the shop could use for showcasing their wine selection. Not only did we do this, but we also created a feature reclaimed wooden wall and new stainless steel worktops.

Furthermore, RAAM decorated the entire property and created an attractive colour scheme in flooring, paint and tiling. We also created an attractive lighting setup, ensuring a shop that is both well-lit and feels natural to the eye.

Our client was very content with our work. During the process, the client and other shop keepers were coming to take pictures of our progress. We believe this project to be a great success, and a showcase of what RAAM Construction can do to make retail units attractive for customers, giving it the feel that our clients wish.