PHOTO: RAAM Green Tree Policy

RAAM Green Tree Policy

We hear the phrases ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘climate change’ but what do they really mean?

The Carbon Footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) we generate by our actions. Additionally, the Climate change refers to the effects on the climate humans are having on this planet as whole.

But this leads to a question, what can we and do to effect change? At RAAM we believe that it is never is too late for a change and that needs to made sooner than later!

We returned to RAAM’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy to explore possibilities for improvement and from this our Green Tree Policy has been born and will grow as RAAM continues to grow. 

From 2021, RAAM Construction has been committed to our “Green Tree Policy

What is the Green Tree Policy?

As a BM Trada Fire Door Installer and maintainer RAAM has always been committed to Fire Safety. However, every day we are operating with natural resources, whether it be repairs or installation using wood in the form of new Fire Doors.  This is why we aim to become a low carbon business

Therefore, RAAM have made a commitment that for every single new door set we install, RAAM resolves to plant a tree in return through one of aligned partners.

We have made commitments to various reforestation programmes delivered by number of organisations such as National Trust, Wood Land Trust; International Tree Foundation and Thames 21 so that we can deliver on our promise.

Our Green Tree policy initiative is open to any business who would like to join RAAM Construction Ltd on this beautiful green journey toward reforestation.  We are happy to share our make joint ventures with our clients to increase and make a speedier change. 

We encourage you to contact us, download our policy and use for your own businesses.  The more that join, share and adapt similar polices, the bigger impact we can make. 

Your Sincerely,

Marcin Kolodziejczyk

Managing Director