RAAM Construction is a dedicated, dynamic and long-term partner for all your housing repairs. Whether you require responsive repair and maintenance for domestic or commercial properties, we understand you want your repair to be done quickly, conveniently and properly. We pride ourselves on being responsive in a wide range of services, adopting a partnership approach that is highly valued by clients and customers alike.

Our services are tailored to accommodate the wide variety of cultural backgrounds of our customers. RAAM Construction is committed to providing a high quality internal and external responsive repairs service that is cost-effective, efficient and professional. With our vast experience in the field, we can ensure that the right operative with the right skills will get the job done first time.

We are able to cater to private home owners, ready to respond whenever you need assistance with an urgent repair. We also have a wide experience with performing maintenance for various housing associations.

We centre our service delivery on:

– Efficiency: We strive to work in a safe and efficient way, to protect the value of your assets and minimise disruption for our clients.

– Right First Time: We recognize the importance of delivering a ‘right first time’ service. Our operatives will provide you with an outstanding repairs service to enhance client and end user satisfaction without defects.

– Quality Management: Our quality processes and procedures are accredited to ISO9001 standard.

– Continuous Improvement: We set challenging targets to improve ourselves on a yearly basis. We use feedback from our clients and customers, combined with regular training for our operatives to ensure that you will continue to receive high quality building maintenance.

– Environmental Management: Our environmental management processes and procedures are accredited to ISO14001 standard. RAAM Construction strives to use materials as efficiently as possible and re-use materials

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