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Flying Angel, East London, Supported Living

Fire SafetySpecialised Maintenance

Fire Door Survey of Front Entrance Doors, Cross Corridor doors and Riser Doors.  Doors are surveyed and a detailed report submitted to the client.  The report will list any recommended works and photographic evidence is provided in the report using the BORIS programme. 

As a guide, the following areas are inspected:

  • Reviewing door fit. It is essential that gaps are no more than 6mm at the top and 4mm at the bottom of the door. The door must also shut on its own based on its type and weight. 
  • Hinges of doors must be fire safety certified. Any leaks or evidence of wear will be fixed. Intumescent strips behind all hinges are added to prevent air holes.
  • Door Closers must be fitted for the door type and work correctly, and if needed, replaced. We ensure the door closes at the right speed and the door will stay shut i.e. not bouncing back.
  • Door Frame will be checked to ensure it has the right fire stopping installed around the frame. If needed, the architrave will be removed and replaced. Once completed, the door is tagged with the materials and installation details.
  • Glazing will be checked to ensure all glass is fire safety glass. If needed, as instructed by Look Ahead, we will carry out a full replacement of a BM Tada door set, ordered after a full measuring-up survey in BORIS.
  • We will also check if there are any cracks or if the door has bowed; if this is the case, then the door cannot be repaired and must be replaced. This also applies to other holes from drilling in door locks. 
  • Signage: We check that these are correct, using metal plates to show works/materials used. 
  • We ensure that ventilation systems have the correct vents and intumescent are installed, as well as grills in the bottom of the doors.  They must be sealed with intumescent stripping and not blocking any doors (i.e., rendering the flow of air in a fire safety plan that is in place).
  • Brush Strips go around the door. We ensure that either a plastic fire strip or an intumescent strip are installed correctly and in good condition, ensuring that these have not been placed within the door leaf itself.
  • Other Features: We check all the ironmongery, handles, locks, etc. are all working correctly.

Any repairs are completed according to the accepted repair techniques under the BM Trada Q-Mark scheme. This scheme that our BM Trada trained Fire Improvement Engineers carry out, works to a consistent certified standard including for materials and clear evidence through photographic reports generated in BORIS.