PHOTO: Perrin House, Notting Hill Genesis

Perrin House, Notting Hill Genesis

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Since 2019 as part of our fire safety inspection service for Notting Hill Genesis we have provided a reactive maintenance and planned service upgrades for fire stopping to include works to fire doors and compartmentation across many of NHG’s London and the South East. Our work covers 3,000 properties with works in communal areas and to residential dwellings for both tenants and leaseholders. Repairs and upgrades/replacements of fire stopping & Fire Doors are done based upon the inspection service we run or through other fire safety inspectors which NHG use, be these in-house or external parties. Fire Safety Brigade and inspection reports also feed into this process.  One recent project is listed below:

Perrin House, Malvern Road, NW6 5QD

A programme of replacing all communal doors was recently completed at this site.  This site is supported housing with residents of various ages and limitations.  Works were carefully coordinated with onsite staff to limit disturbance to residents.  Fire Stopping works were also completed at the same time to upgrade compartmentation across the site. 

The size of the project: £120,000+ of Fire Door Installations.

Duration: July- August 2021

Resources deployed: The repairs and upgrade service is done by a 100% directly employed team of RAAM which comprises 2 X Fire Improvement Supervisors and 4 teams of 2 Fire Improvement Engineers who need to work together owing to the weight of doors and safety requirements.  We also undertake an annual Customer Care training session with NHG and their residents, fully appreciating the customer groups we support and diverse needs regarding language, age, ability, care, and support.