PHOTO: Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London

Fire SafetyPassive Fire Protection

Fire door replacement programmes were carried out, as well as upgrades for capital improvements to support consistency in fire door repair, maintenance, and installations to achieve better asset management across the hospital estate for the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust.

Examples of the fire door upgrade works we have undertaken include; 

  • Meeting Rooms in St Nicholas Tower required a revamp and associated fire improvement works which included new fire doors, fire walls, fire doors, fire compartmentation, and new fire safe suspended ceilings.
  • Across all the Trust’s Wards, fire doors and fire safety stopping had significant breaches, such as holes in doors which had been incorrectly repaired (these should have been replaced with a BM Trada or equivalent door to reach the Q-Mark standard which the Trust follows). 
  • There were also breaches in cabling/trunking and issues with pipework which had not been sleeved correctly, by way of example. We now work on a ward-by-ward basis surveying these issues and then quoting for all remedial works to include door repairs and replacements as well as fixing the stopping issues. 
  • As the previous contractor has left such significant issues, the Trust has been working with us to capture issues and to support remedial claims. 
    • For example, much of our early work has been in A&E which is a high-profile environment where our teams stop and move as needed to accommodate patient safety such as mobile patient beds moving through doors.


‘RAAM has worked tirelessly with us, being flexible and cooperative, always working to find mutual grounds with VINCI and the Trust to deliver our service vision of ‘the person in need is first. They have been amazing, supportive, continually adapting to the NHS environment.’