PHOTO: Notting Hill Genesis sites, Southern England

Notting Hill Genesis sites, Southern England

Fire SafetySurveys and Inspections

We provide specialised and bespoke Block inspections for Notting Hill Genesis and carried out surveys and regular health & safety checks across over 2,000 properties, inspecting each block on a monthly basis.  To establish good working relationships with both the client and the NHG residents, we endeavour to send the same surveyors to the same properties and regions. We also use a bespoke survey checklist enabling us to have the most up to date information on the block/property, which we carry out in advance with NHG’s housing team with our Customer Service Centre. We proactively touch base with NHG’s housing and property services functions.

Testimonial regarding our overall service:

 “Each and every one of you are working tirelessly for NHG without excuses so I have to make sure that you are paid for all you do”

Testimonial regarding the bespoke complex valuation:

“This is great, , you must have put in a lot in this and thank you so much! RAAM have my work a lot easier while am still battling with your competitor to get the required information. Their addresses are not segmented into regions; but it is neither their fault or RAAM’s, the difference is that RAAM saw the bigger picture and met us half way for a smooth take off of the block inspections (…) The valuation has all the bells & whistles with all the tabs and details, addresses, those with remedial actions to be actioned.”

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