PHOTO: Specialised Surveys & Block Inspections

Specialised Surveys & Block Inspections

Depending on the characteristics and requirements for your building, the Protection Service you need may vary, of which we will provide our professional judgement by conducting a Site Survey, to ensure the most effective and efficient method is chosen to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants.

At RAAM, we can also organise additional Site Surveys and Fire Risk Assessments given any changes of the building such as additional equipment or construction work.

Examples of Specialised Surveys and Block Inspections include:

  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Compartmentation Surveys and Block Inspections 
  • Bespoke Fire Surveys

Records of procedures and service activities should be kept by site operators.  Our team of experienced surveyors (block inspections, Fire Doors, Fire Compartmentation etc) can provide detailed surveys to bring peace of mind and direction on any recommended remedial works.


  • Correct gapping between the door and frame, max 3-4mm
  • Suitability of seals
  • Existence of intumescent hinge pads behind all hinge plates
  • Presence of correct signage
  • Presence of correctly fitted fire certified door ironmongery
  • Door closes unassisted on his rebates
  • Presence of correct and secured glazing
  • Presence of certification marks or labels
  • In case of double door set correct closing with no twisting