PHOTO: Specialised Building and Maintenance Services

Specialised Building and Maintenance Services

RAAM has been providing building and maintenance services for over 15 years. We carry out these services for important clients, including the NHS where we refurbish mental health units.

Example of Building and Maintenance Services include:

  • Bathroom and kitchen refurbishments
  • Flooring
  • Gas and Plumbing
  • Decorating
  • Specialised waterproofing works (Balconies, Roofs)

We incorporate these services into fire works to ensure we complete jobs in house, rather than subcontracted. This helps us to provide an excellent service to our clients. We pride ourselves in being a company that encourages environmental sustainability. Efficient use of quality materials and resources, as well as using recycled or refurbished products, is our objective in all of our work.

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